A startup from Latvia developing a fully automated food service system to cook and serve custom made meals prepared from the fresh ingredients.

We develop robotic systems to replace human workforce in food service market. Our machine cooks and serves individual meals made from raw ingredients without human help.

One custom meal per minute.

Our Team

Roboeatz team comes from the food service business. Since 2009 we were developing and running a chain of 10 restaurants with a central food production facility. We use this unique knowledge for developing robotic systems, that cook and serve fresh customizable meals without human labor.

We focus on the following points:

  • quick and reliable ROI for system operators
  • exceeding of conventional food safety standards 
  • delivering higher quality, reliability and variety versus human-operated kitchens
  • fast scaling, quick deployment/re-deployment, automatic management.

RoboEatz team

We strongly believe that robotic cooking is the future of global food service business, that we are shaping today.